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Wireless Industry Commitment

App Content Classification & Ratings Guidelines .

To provide consumers with the information and tools they need to make informed choices when accessing apps using a wireless handset, CTIA and signatory app storefront providers have voluntarily adopted the following Guidelines for App Content Classification and Ratings (“Guidelines”).

  1. Definitions. “App Content” shall mean any apps downloaded by consumers to Commercial Mobile Radio Services (CMRS) capable handsets that have access to application content and made available to consumers through a digital storefront. “Participating App Storefront Provider” (“Participants”) shall mean an entity that makes available a digital storefront from which consumers may download, either for free or a charge, App Content.
  2. Develop App Content Rating Tiers. Participants will provide application content rating tiers to inform consumers as to the characteristics of application content and its suitability for appropriate audiences. Participants will develop content rating tiers that generally leverage existing classifications (e.g. based on ages or content identifiers). Implementation of App Content rating tiers shall be at the sole discretion of the individual Participants.
  3. Not provide Restricted Content until access controls are present. “Restricted Content” shall mean App Content that is generally recognized as appropriate only for, or that is legally restricted to, persons at least 18 years of age. Participants will not make Restricted App Content available to consumers until controls are available that allows consumers to restrict access to such content.
  4. Leverage existing third party ratings systems wherever possible. Existing third party ratings systems are currently not being applied to mobile applications. We encourage ratings organizations to rate mobile applications within their areas of expertise so participants can generally leverage those ratings. Lacking third-party ratings systems familiar to consumers for mobile applications, Participants agree to use reasonable efforts to provide appropriate ratings according to the Guidelines.
  5. Employ consumer best practices in the application of App Content Rating Tiers. To maximize the benefit of content rating tiers for consumers, Participants agree to use commercially reasonable efforts to: A) Monitor that App Content is rated according to the Guidelines including the establishment of a process to evaluate consumer feedback. B) Communicate App Content ratings to consumers prior to purchase or download. C) Provide access controls based on App Content rating tiers. D) Take appropriate corrective actions regarding App Content determined to be non-compliant with the Guidelines.
  6. Comply with applicable laws. The Participants will comply with applicable laws regarding the protection of minors and cooperate with appropriate law enforcement agencies as required by law on reported and known illegal App Content.
  7. Educate Consumers about our commitment to give our customers information and tools to manage access to applications. CTIA and the Participants will create a communications and education campaign for consumers to provide them with information about the Guidelines.

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