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Smart Cities Working Groups .

Smart Cities Working Groups


Across America, towns and cities are leveraging wireless connectivity to improve their communities. And the next-generation of wireless, 5G, will unlock the full potential of smart cities, creating millions of jobs and providing an economic growth platform for the 21st century. CTIA brings together the connected life community to collaborate on innovation-focused policies that make this future possible.

Smart Cities Will Power Economic Growth and Produce Significant Benefits

5G-powered smart city initiatives will boost local economies and improve municipal service delivery—helping residents and businesses as well as local budgets. In fact, these wireless solutions are projected to produce $160 billion in benefits and savings from reduced energy use, decreased traffic congestion and lower fuel costs, according to Accenture. Next-gen wireless connectivity will also help our first responders save lives and reduce crime.

CTIA Advocates for Policies to Support Smart City Growth

CTIA works closely with all levels of government to advocate for policies that will make smart cities and 5G possible, like more spectrum and modernized rules governing wireless infrastructure deployment. CTIA also advocates for common-sense cybersecurity and privacy policies that reflect the hundreds of millions of dollars that the wireless industry has invested to enhance the security of our networks, software, hardware and devices.

CTIA’s Smart Cities Working Groups

CTIA’s Smart Cities Policy Working Group advocates for public policy that enables wireless smart city innovations before federal agencies, in Congress, and before state and local governments.

Additionally, the Smart Cities Business and Technology Working Groups convene subject matter experts to explore the advancement of smart technology adoption through industry collaboration and best practices. Industry experts discuss challenges with city officials as part of a collaborative educational effort to make communities safer and smarter. Learn more about these efforts in their Smart Cities Playbook. For information on how to join CTIA Working Groups, please contact Phil Rice, Director of Membership, at

CTIA Smart Cities Working Groups include the following member companies:

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