Safe and Secure

CTIA and its members are committed to protecting consumers – and the wireless networks they depend on – from the cybersecurity threats of today and tomorrow.

Policy Topics

Every day, CTIA members defend the integrity of wireless networks so consumers’ privacy and security stay protected. But cyber threats constantly evolve, targets change as devices and apps are introduced, and the impact of a potential attack grows. 

Maintaining the safety and security of wireless networks and consumers is a year-round, 24/7 effort involving the entire mobile ecosystem as well as cooperation with key government agencies.

In the Spring of 2017, CTIA’s Cybersecurity Summit addressed the current cyber threat landscape, the innovative technologies and initiatives that are helping tackle these challenges and what actions our country’s policymakers should take as we move toward the more connected 5G networks of tomorrow. The event featured panels and keynotes from government officials and industry leaders.

Policymakers should continue to work collaboratively with industry and maintain a flexible, technology-neutral policy approach that enables new security solutions to be built into next-generation networks, services and devices. 
The wireless industry has a longstanding record of successfully identifying potential security risks and developing solutions that protect against cyber threats. In order to continue to protect the safety and security of the wireless ecosystem and its customers, the entire wireless ecosystem—network operators, device manufacturers, application and content developers—must work together.  

That’s why CTIA created the Cybersecurity Working Group (CSWG) in 2012 as a way to regularly convene the industry, identify potential risks, and determine the best approaches to mitigate or minimize cyber threats.

In addition to helping members focus on emerging threats and potential solutions, the CSWG is the mechanism for CTIA members to collaborate with other industries and government agencies focused on cybersecurity. It also prepares general briefing papers on mobile security topics.
Wireless consumers also have an important role to play in protecting their privacy. By being informed and observing simple security and safety practices, consumers can go a long way toward being safe and secure. 
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