The wireless industry is committed to preserving consumers’ privacy and trust every day by proactively protecting consumers’ data and empowering consumers with the resources needed to make informed decisions about data security. 
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America’s consumers deserve and depend on a wireless experience that is safe and secure. 

Protecting against identity theft, online fraud and data breaches requires constant vigilance by everyone in the mobile ecosystem – carriers, device manufacturers, app developers and consumers. 

Strong voluntary guidelines set forth in CTIA’s Consumer Code for Wireless Service, along with  technology-neutral regulation, help keep consumers safe and secure and unlock next-generation wireless networks and the Internet of Things.

The FCC’s broadband privacy framework differs from the successful privacy approach taken by the FTC and supported the Obama Administration. The wireless industry supports continued efforts by the FCC to ensure consistent treatment of consumer information in a manner that limits consumer confusion and ensures all players in the mobile ecosystem can compete on a level playing field. 

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