Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will transform every part of society and every part of the economy over the next five years, using the power of wireless to connect everything, from automobiles and heart monitors to energy meters and home appliances.
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Policy Topics

Americans have already begun to benefit from the IoT, and this growing market will explode in coming years – improving our lives and redefining how we connect with the world around us. 

The keys to unlocking the power of the IoT are more spectrum, more wireless infrastructure and a light-touch policy framework that encourages innovation and investment and ensures security and privacy. 

Americans are already experiencing the benefits of a more connected world. Today’s IoT enabled: 

  • Cities to connect utility meters, street lights, water systems and remotely monitor critical infrastructure; 
  • Doctors to receive notifications from remote heart monitoring devices if a patient has an irregular reading to improve time to getting treatment; and
  • Consumers to remotely monitor and control their home’s lights, temperature, security and more from their mobile devices.

In coming years, the number of connected devices is projected to increase over 300% to 50 billion. The IoT – driven by these billions of devices all communicating wirelessly – will transform entire sectors of the economy and unlocking more productivity and economic growth.

Given the economic, social and consumer benefits, policymakers should focus on facilitating the continued growth of the IoT. That means a flexible, light-touch framework of regulations that are targeted to avoid across-the-board approaches that stifle innovation and impose unnecessary regulations. 

With the projected growth in connected devices and the wireless data that they will transmit, policymakers must free up more spectrum for the IoT, and streamline the process for deploying new cell sites and antennas

Protecting consumer privacy and defending against cyberthreats are also important to foster growth in the IoT. That’s why the wireless industry is incorporating security and privacy by design into the engineering and product development process. Voluntary, collaborative initiatives, industry-led efforts and best practices are part of the security and privacy oversight framework, and policymakers should look to these established frameworks to address IoT issues.  
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