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December 11, 2018

2018 in Review: There’s an App for That .

2018 in Review: There’s an App for That


Anderson Sullivan

There is an app for almost anything you can imagine, and throughout the year we have highlighted how apps can do everything from help you work out to assist you in adopting a new furry friend. In honor of International App Day we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite blogs to shine a spotlight on the integral role apps play in our lives.

Apps to Adoption: How Wireless Helps Pets Find Homes

Adoption websites have gone mobile, with many offering apps that allow you to search pets based on criteria like breed, age, location, time spent in shelter, etc.

Txt Me When U Land: How Smartphones Make Travel Easy and Safe

Annually, U.S. residents take over two billion trips, and increasingly, mobile phones are becoming an essential tool of the American traveler. Nearly half of American travelers who book flights have used mobile apps from major airlines, and globally, 42 percent of travelers have booked a hotel on their mobile phone. 

Work Out, Wirelessly

Fitness apps are typically low-cost, require minimal equipment and space and can turn parks, living rooms and driveways into a place to work out, saving you hundreds of dollars a year in gym fees. 

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

Apps have provided platforms to share our selfies and new ways to edit them. In 2015, apps started rolling out filters that could be used to enhance the background of your selfie, create flattering lighting or even give you panda ears, bringing virtual reality effects to smartphones everywhere.

Gig(abytes) for Gigs: Mobile Phones & Music Festivals

Summer means music festival season is in full swing. This year, many festivals encouraged attendees to use their mobile device to help manage their weekend, offering apps with maps of the grounds, schedules of the performers and information about food, transportation and public safety.

Wild & Wireless

Wireless makes enjoying the outdoors a real breeze. Many parks have apps that provide hiking guides, info on biking trails and maps of the facilities, including where you can find the best views.

Traveling Smart(phone)

Take a paperless approach to adventure. Mobile library apps offer online access to guidebooks, language apps provide easy translation, airline apps track flights and manage tickets, storage apps back up your photos and mobile banking apps allow you to stay on top of your finances, wherever you’re traveling.

Celebrating Books, the Wireless Way

E-reading apps turn your mobile device into a virtual library, making it easy to stay on top of your reading list on the go. 

Calling All College Students

Classic school supplies like notebooks and pens are always in demand, but one of the most important tools for today’s students will fit into their pockets: their wireless device! Colleges are increasingly creating mobile apps for their student body that include info like campus maps and sports schedules. 

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