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July 3, 2018

Wild & Wireless .

Wild & Wireless


Katherine Den Boer
Director, Communications & Policy

July is National Parks & Recreation Month and to celebrate to the fullest, we encourage you to use your mobile devices to find a park, sign-up for recreational activities and share all the fun you’re having.

To help, we put together a list of ways wireless makes enjoying the outdoors a real breeze:

1. Maps apps

Many parks have apps that provide hiking guides, info on biking trails and maps of the facilities, including where you can find the best views.

2. Need to see an ID?

One of the best parts of visiting a park is seeing nature’s finest—whether a decades-old redwood tree, a moose or some wildflowers. There are lots of apps out there to help you identify what’s in front of you, including if the plant you just saw on the trail is poison ivy. Just be sure to stay a safe distance from the wild critters!

3. RSVP me

Whether you want to reserve a campsite, a tennis court or a party pavilion, your mobile device is there to help. Many parks offer online reservations, so you can book your favorite spot while on the go.

4. Parks are the new gyms

Thanks to fitness apps, you can take your workout anywhere—including outside. And fitness studios, community organizations and meet up apps are bringing people together to work out in parks across the country. Nothing like a little fresh air with your burpees.

5. Alert for alerts

Park systems are rolling out text alert systems to notify you if your daughter’s softball game is cancelled or if the park is closed, saving you time and keeping you in the know.

6. Even your park has AR

Augmented reality apps engage park visitors and teach them about their surroundings. Look for apps that offer AR tour guides, games and history lessons to make your parks experience even richer.

7. See it, say it

Parks are crowdsourcing information about broken equipment, full trashcans and other issues from park-goers through easy-to-call hotlines, mobile-ready webpages and apps. Log the issue from your phone right when you see it!

8. Pack light

Your mobile device can be your flashlight, campfire cookbook, compass, camera, wallet, entertainment and more, making packing for a park visit easy.

9. Live! From the Park!

Many parks, including a growing number in the National Park Service, offer live feeds that you can stream straight to your mobile device. Check online to see if the elk are feeding, or take a mental break and enjoy some scenic views

10. Snap Happy

Parks across the country are encouraging visitors to take photos and share their experiences on social media to encourage others to get outdoors and explore.

So celebrate America and its parks this July by enjoying the outdoors. And don’t forget your mobile device, because as the adage goes, pics or it didn’t happen.

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