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August 31, 2018

What to Expect at MWCA: Showcasing the Wireless Industry .

What to Expect at MWCA: Showcasing the Wireless Industry


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Nick Ludlum
Senior Vice President & Chief Communications Officer

Mobile World Congress Americas kicks off September 12th in Los Angeles!

CTIA members from across the wireless ecosystem will be there to show off their latest technologies and discuss what’s next for their companies and the wireless industry as a whole. Hint: a lot of it has to do with 5G!

We’re highlighting a few of the discussions taking place during the show:

Everything Policy Theme

As we highlighted last week, many members of the wireless industry will be participating in discussions on the policies needed to support the deployment of 5G and an innovative, competitive and secure mobile ecosystem. Check out the Everything Policy theme to learn more.

Network Advancement Panels

CTIA Board Chairman and Executive Chairman of Sprint, Marcelo Claure, will keynote a session with other members of the wireless industry, including President & COO of T-Mobile, Michael Sievert, to open MWCA.

Technology experts from AT&T, Intel and Verizon will join other members of the wireless industry to talk about the capability and efficiencies to be gained from moving network computing to the edge during The Network Edge panel.

T-Mobile will discuss how to offer customers the best network experience during the Network Analytics, Diagnostics & Service Assurance panel.

Discussions on the Next Generation of Wireless

CTIA board members Tim Baxter, President & CEO, Samsung Electronics North America and Ronan Dunne, Group President, Verizon Wireless will give a keynote discussing the role of 5G in our connected future as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution theme with Nokia President & CEO Rajeev Suri and Seleta Reynolds, GM of LA DoT.

CTIA board member Niklas Heuveldop, Head of Market Area North America at Ericsson, will join other members of the wireless industry, including Sprint, to discuss how 5G will be used and the relationships that it will foster between companies during the 5G IoT & Enterprise panel.

Experts from Intel, Nokia, Deloitte and Syniverse will discuss the role that existing technologies and 4G networks will have in the build-up to 5G deployment during the 4G to 5G Transition panel.

At the 5G Deployment Models panel, Carolina West, Ericsson, Oracle and T-Mobile will all be on hand to discuss the various methods and plans being considered to deploy 5G.

Representatives from Nokia and Samsung will discuss the lessons that are emerging from ongoing 5G trials at the 5G trials panel.

Technology leaders from CTIA member companies Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T will share their 5G insights and roadmaps during the 5G: The CTO Session.

T-Mobile will be demoing 5G’s capabilities during the 5G Demos session.

Representatives from LG and Accenture will talk about how the entertainment industry will change with the advent of 5G during the 5G Entertainment Innovation panel.

As you can see, it’s an exciting agenda! We look forward to seeing you at MWCA!

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