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June 22, 2018

This Week in 5G: We’re Off to the 5G Races .

    This Week in 5G: We’re Off to the 5G Races


    CTIA Director Katie Den Boer
    Katherine Den Boer
    Director, Communications & Policy

    TGIF and TGI “This Week in 5G.”

    The big news this week is that South Korea auctioned off 3.5GHz and 28 GHz spectrum—key bands for building globally-harmonized 5G networks. Three wireless providers won spectrum, committing $3.26 billion in exchange.

    In other new 5G developments, Qualcomm and Vivo announced that they have created a unified antenna system that will allow devices to transition between different types of spectrum. This feature is key for successful 5G networks since they will run on a combination of low-, mid-, and high-band spectrum and devices will need to smoothly move from band to band.

    China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has reportedly accelerated their plans to issue new spectrum licenses and policies for 5G to propel the country forward in the race to 5G. The Ministry previously announced these licenses would be made available in late 2019 and Chinese wireless providers shared that they are targeting 5G commercialization by 2020.

    Nokia and South Korea’s SK Telecom also made news by sharing that they were able to use the new 3GPP standalone 5G standards—which were approved last week in La Jolla, California—to transmit data end-to-end and use low latency processing. They also confirmed that virtual reality, Ultra-HD video, autonomous vehicles, and smart factory applications will work using the 5G standalone standards.

    With that, enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you back here next Friday for This Week in 5G!

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