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April 13, 2018

This Week in 5G: The Wireless Results Are In .

    This Week in 5G: The Wireless Results Are In


    Jason Johnson

    Welcome back to This Week in 5G, where we showcase news and announcements about the next generation of wireless.

    AT&T shared some of the results of its 5G testing, and mobile speeds are going to be a lot faster. How fast? According to AT&T, around 1 gigabit per second. The CNET reporter put that in perspective by saying his current LTE service in New York averages around 25Mbps.

    And in a huge step for the advancement of 5G and wireless technologies, the National Science Foundation announced this week the establishment of two new wireless test beds called the Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR).

    These future wireless test beds will be in Salt Lake City, overseen by Rice University and the University of Utah, and in New York City, overseen by Rutgers University, Columbia University, and New York University. In Utah, research includes providing a flexible and programmable MIMO platform. In New York, the focus is on supplying a low-latency test environment.

    We also heard how 5G will transform virtual and augmented reality, thanks to HTC. Current limits with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth limit what VR devices can do. But the “increased bandwidth, minimal latency and remote processing power” of next-generation wireless networks, will make VR hardware more lightweight, wireless, and “capable of much more lifelike experiences.”

    That’s it for This Week in 5G. Tune in next week for more on the latest developments on the next generation of wireless networks.

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