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July 13, 2018

This Week in 5G: Take Their Word for It .

    This Week in 5G: Take Their Word for It


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    Jilane Petrie
    Director, Public Affairs

    After a week off for the Fourth of July, we’re back with the week’s top 5G headlines.

    It’s been quite a few days, and sometimes it’s best to let the news speak for itself:

    • Mike Snider of USA Today covered the FCC’s announcement of new spectrum auctions: It’s completely understandable why you might overlook the news that the Federal Communications Commission will conduct a pair of high-band frequency spectrum auctions later this year.But if you are among the 77 percent of Americans who own a smartphone or you wish your home broadband speeds were faster, this is an important development.

      The two spectrum auctions announced Wednesday by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, planned to begin in November, will help drive innovations in the evolution of 5G.

    • Kyle Campbell wrote about property owners preparing for the next generation of wireless for Real Estate Weekly: An upcoming sea change in the wireless industry promises to optimize everything with a digital pulse, from phones, tablets and watches to cars and even entire office towers. As carriers prepare the first wave of their fifth-generation, or 5G, cellular technologies, property owners are making sure their properties are ready, too, with extensive in-building networks.“Real estate owners realize that reliable coverage is important to prospective tenants, they’re seeing higher occupancy rates in buildings with good service,” Bill DelGrego, vice president of sales at ExteNet Systems, said.
    • For Brookings, Nicol Turner-Lee outlined the economic and social good 5G can deliver: For example, 5G networks can enhance healthcare through the integration of electronic and digital devices (e.g., sensors, smartphones), in upward of $650 billion savings by 2025 provided that faster and more reliable networks enable new technologies, according to a report commissioned by Qualcomm. From medical internet of things devices to online consultations, the capture of real-time medical information and data analytics will empower the healthcare sector, patients, and government to find remedies for skyrocketing costs.In the healthcare industry and other sectors, 5G can reduce costs for the governments that deploy these networks, the consumers who are in need of additional savings (especially for public interest applications and services), and the enterprises that desire a faster access to the global marketplace.

    Thanks for dropping by, and we’ll be back next week with your round-up of 5G news.

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