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October 19, 2018

This Week in 5G: Take it Back to the Top .

    This Week in 5G: Take it Back to the Top


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    Jilane Petrie
    Director, Public Affairs

    Welcome back!

    Avid readers know that this blog focuses on the latest and greatest news about 5G: developments, announcements and breakthroughs. And while those headlines haven’t slowed, we did notice another trending topic in stories covering the next generation of wireless over the last 10 days.

    Outlets took a step back and tackled the big question: What the heck is 5G anyway?

    CNET put its money on the pool table, using the game to illustrate everything from wavelengths to interference:

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    Explaining 5G With a Game of Pool (Source: CNET)

    Fortune went the more traditional route in its post titled, “A Guide to the Transformative Wireless Tech.”­  It runs through the next generation’s improvements on network speed, density and latency before drilling down into spectrum. Fortune also tips its hat to the economic benefits of 5G (you’ve heard it before: 3 million new jobs!) and its real-world applications (automated cars, drones, healthcare and more).

    And The Bridge, which covers Brooklyn’s business news, sat down with the founding director of NYU Wireless, Ted Rappaport, to talk about the capabilities of 5G and its impact on American communities.

    “Our lives will be greatly enhanced, as new applications and access to information will be faster than ever,” said Rappaport. “Imagine having the speed of the internet connected to your pocket phone. New sensing and monitoring around the city can be used for improvement in safety, efficiency and economy.”

    Still craving your weekly rundown? We’ve got that:

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