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July 26, 2019

This Week in 5G: One Billion Served .

This Week in 5G: One Billion Served


Your 5G order is up this week with new subscriber projections and product upgrades. Let’s dive in!

By 2023 — Just four years from now— 5G subscribers are expected to hit 1.1 billion across Asia-Pacific and North America.

AT&T announced that its mobile 5G networks will be available on a nationwide basis in 2020.

Sprint’s 5G network in Chicago offers good coverage in the downtown area and a great user experience, thanks to significantly fast speeds.

Qualcomm upgraded its Snapdragon 855 mobile platform to better support mobile gaming, AI and VR/AR.

Samsung began mass production of 12Gb LPDDR5 DRAM that will enable super-fast processing in 5G smartphones.

Companies like Cisco and Intel will be key players in transforming the existing core and radio access networks for use with 5G.

Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC) is a key driver in delivering data on 5G networks based on different traffic requirements.

AT&T’s Foundry innovation centers explore use case possibilities for 5G, including tracking drones to enhance public safety.

That’s all for this week. See you next time!

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