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November 16, 2018

This Week in 5G: Do I Hear a Bid? .

    This Week in 5G: Do I Hear a Bid?


    Jason Johnson

    From the first-ever auction of high-band spectrum to an NBA 5G virtual reality experience; it was a busy week for next-gen networks. Here’s what you missed:

    Connecting the 5G Smartphone

    Verizon this week successfully connected a smartphone to its 5G mobile network. In partnership with Samsung, Qualcomm and Motorola, the company was able to complete a video call and search the web using a 5G connection.

    5G Coming to a Store Near You

    A recent report from Keysight Technologies found that more than half of service provider and technology companies surveyed are deploying or planning to deploy 5G in the next year. The top industries driving investment and interest are telecommunications, technology, financial services and transportation.

    5G Dream Team

    During a game between the NBA’s Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers this week, Verizon brought a virtual reality experience to the students of the Men’s and Women’s Leadership Academy and College Track Sacramento. Verizon said this was the first time a U.S. pro team used 5G for a live virtual reality experience for its fans.

    Time for an Upgrade

    Intel this week announced plans for its new 5G modem—the XMM 8160 5G. The company intends for the chip to be used to deliver high-speed connectivity across a variety of products from phones to PCs to broadband hubs.

    The Bidding Will Start at…

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) kicked off the first-ever auction of high-band spectrum in the United States. This auction is historic as it will provide the spectrum needed for the lightning-fast speeds and low-latency required for 5G. Read more in our blog.

    Our next edition of This Week in 5G won’t be published until after Thanksgiving, so to tide you over, we hope you’ll check out the 5G experience that Nokia and AT&T are demoing this weekend at the Atlanta Falcons football game. That’s a wrap for the This Week in 5G!

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