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May 11, 2018

This Week in 5G: A Week of 5G Firsts .

    This Week in 5G: A Week of 5G Firsts


    Jason Johnson

    Welcome back to This Week in 5G where you can catch the latest in next-generation wireless news.

    Here’s what grabbed our attention this week:

    Verizon launched its 5G-enabled Open Innovation Lab in New York City. The lab featured the latest in interactive AR and VR tools powered by the high speed bandwidth of 5G. One interesting demo included medical training that used VR for patient-therapist exercises.

    Revving up their engines in the 5G race is the auto sector. 5G is set to deliver faster connectivity to the automotive industry and improve public safety by reducing a self-driving car’s braking response distance from more than a yard on a 4G network to a little over an inch with 5G.

    A 5G first was achieved this week by Japan’s DoCoMo. They accomplished what might be the first successful 28 GHz field test of a wireless data transmission between a 5G base station and mobile station inside a speeding car.

    Not to be out done, Nokia also successfully completed a 5G call on the 3.5 GHz band using the new 3GPP standard in Europe. The call utilized Nokia 5G New Radio technology, including the Nokia 5G-ready AirScale radio platform and Cloud CRAN technology.

    That’s a wrap for this week’s next-generation of wireless news. Check-in next week for more on the latest in 5G developments.

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