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October 12, 2018

This Week in 5G: A View from the Field .

    This Week in 5G: A View from the Field


    CTIA Director Ariz Matute
    Ariz Matute
    Director, Digital Strategy

    Welcome back to our weekly roundup of news and updates on the next generation of wireless. Let’s jump into some of the 5G highlights from this week:

    Sioux Falls Hosts 5G Field Hearing
    Today, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation hosted a hearing entitled “The Race to 5G: A View from the Field.” FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr and Verizon SVP Robert Fisher were witnesses and discussed ways to streamline infrastructure siting and encourage investment in next generation wireless networks. Watch the recording here. 

    Also, check out our recent blog on Senator Thune and Schatz’s bipartisan STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act.

    AT&T Says Aloha to 5G
    This week, AT&T announced plans to demonstrate 5G at events in Atlanta and Hawaii later this year. The demo in Atlanta is scheduled for an NFL game in November, while the one in Hawaii coincides with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit in December.

    What Happens in Las Vegas…
    T-Mobile is asking the Federal Communications Commission for permission to conduct 5G tests in Las Vegas and Spokane, Washington. If granted, the carrier plans to use prototype equipment from various manufacturers for two sites in Las Vegas and Spokane, beginning early November.

    Global Demand for 5G-Friendly Airwaves Heats Up
    A new global contest for cellular airwaves is underway as governments around the world start to auction off spectrum for 5G coverage. The Wall Street Journal published an article that charts the demand for 5G spectrum, and how airwave auctions are becoming the next phase in the race to 5G.

    Spoiler: Video Content will Continue to Dominate
    A new report from Intel and Ovum that lays out the expectations for the growth of 5G cellular networks for the next 10 years, and shows that 90 percent of 5G data will be video. Moreover, Intel expects major gains for both VR and AR, suggesting that “a new dawn of VR-driven experiences will emerge as early as 2025,” thanks to 5G. And that by 2028, gaming will account for a vast majority of 5G augmented reality data.

    That’s a wrap for This Week in 5G. Check back next Friday for more news, more highlights, and more 5G!

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