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September 7, 2018

This Week in 5G: 5G is the Star Even Before the Show .

    This Week in 5G: 5G is the Star Even Before the Show


    CTIA Research Team

    Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 is right around the corner, with 5G and its capabilities set to be the show’s main theme. Before next week’s show, let’s take a look at the 5G headlines from this week.

    Streamlining Small Cell Siting. The FCC took steps this week to address local barriers to 5G deployment. On Tuesday, Commissioner Carr announced the FCC’s proposal to accelerate small cell deployments, which will be voted on at the FCC’s September 26th meeting.

    5G Tests Scale Smaller. With every new generation or migration of technologies, devices start huge—sometimes the size of rooms or buses—until engineers can shrink them down. Ericsson and Qualcomm seem to have cracked the tiny code this week, completing a mobile 5G call on a device similar in size to a smartphone.

    New 5G Tools. Ericsson also announced a set of new 5G products and services—including a software upgrade called Ericsson Spectrum Sharing, which will equip cell towers with the technology needed to transmit to 5G-capable devices—among other advancements.

    Tech Trials Continue. Verizon completed its latest commercial 5G trial in the nation’s capital, working with Nokia to transmit a mobile 5G signal in Washington, D.C.

    MWCA Preview. Finally, 5G will be the headliner of this year’s Mobile World Congress Americas, with capabilities like enhanced video broadcasting, advanced interactive gaming systems, among others taking center stage. Attendees can also expect to see plenty from the Internet of Things, low-power WANs and more.

    Check back here next week for news on Mobile World Congress Americas and the 5G developments sure to be announced!

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