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July 15, 2019

The Wireless Industry Responds to Tropical Storm Barry .

The Wireless Industry Responds to Tropical Storm Barry


In advance of Tropical Storm Barry, wireless providers prepared for the storm by fortifying existing network infrastructure and staging response teams nearby to help ensure that critical wireless coverage remained largely intact for the millions of people impacted by the storm, as well as emergency responders.

Tropical Storm Barry made landfall over the Gulf Coast on the morning of July 13th, briefly reaching hurricane-force strength. Those in the path of Tropical Storm Barry experienced heavy rains, devastating floods and the threat of tornadoes and other severe weather events. More than 80 Wireless Emergency Alerts were sent with vital information and updates about the storm.

Wireless providers prioritized recovery and relief efforts to maintain and quickly restore service as well as deliver customer support to those impacted by the tropical storm and the responders working to assist in the aftermath. Within 24-hours after the storm, 98% of cell site service in the affected region were operational, according to the FCC.

Millions of people are using their smartphones and cell phones to call and text loved ones and connect with emergency personnel through social media. To enable these vital communications, wireless providers offered free data, text, voice and credits to consumers across the region.

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