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June 6, 2018

The Transformational Potential of 5G Wireless .

The Transformational Potential of 5G Wireless


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Tom Sawanobori
Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

At the CTIA Race to 5G Summit, industry leaders and policymakers alike spoke at length about the life-changing impacts that 5G will have on the industries and products we interact with every day.

Quite simply, 5G wireless networks will be a game changer: 100 times faster, five times more responsive and able to connect 100 times more devices. These kind of network capabilities will enable our wireless future—from powering remote surgery applications and autonomous vehicle communications to transforming manufacturing facilities and educational resources.

As CTIA President & CEO Meredith Atwell Baker said, “5G is only limited by our imagination.”  Policy and industry leaders agreed:

The Immense Power of 5G Networks

Leaders from around the wireless industry shared why 5G is like nothing we’ve ever seen before—thanks to its combination of mobility, speed, low-latency, and capacity.


“5G’s responsiveness, with this ultra-latency capabilities, with the ability to also have massive bandwidth… we believe that you can create new things and new use cases that have never been seen before.” - Ed Chan, SVP, Verizon


“[5G] is about building on what's in place today, making it better, making it rich, making it faster, while at the same time opening new doors, new opportunities, enabling new use cases and new services, and even expanding the scope of wireless technologies to new industries...” - Karri Kuoppamaki, VP Network Technology Development & Strategy, T-Mobile USA

5G Will Impact Every Industry

Technology and policy leaders painted a picture of our 5G future through a series of key industry use cases.


“I think there will be a rush for cities and a competition among cities to bring smart cities to life. These present big broad use cases and there will be a lot more that will happen along the way.” – Tim Baxter, President & CEO, Samsung Electronics North America


“5G networks will allow us to provide better services for individual patients, healthcare systems and help us to manage populations. Think about pandemic flu. Think about the opportunities to track diseases as they are coming in. Think about pharmacies being able to upload information to the cloud that helps us to analyze and understand that there's an outbreak.” – Dr. Karen Rheuban, Medical Director, University of Virginia Center for Telehealth


“5G can help us work to address some of our country’s most dire challenges… 5G can be an asset in helping us combat this [fentanyl, heroin and opioid] epidemic by improving how we deliver care to those in need. It will provide enhanced capabilities for those suffering from addiction, to have more resources right at their fingertips. And it will help us bolster public safety capabilities by helping first responders improve their responses to these emergencies.” – Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH)


“We’re seeing a lot more edge processing… you see that as we look at things such as a micro-grid. How do we [leverage] sensors and data…? 5G certainly is a way for us to get that done.” – Brian Hurst, VP & Chief Analytics Officer, Exelon

The 5G-powered Industrial IoT Will Bring Significant Economic Benefits

Industry leaders also discussed the extensive economic potential of the 5G-powered IoT.


“The economic growth that's going to result from the IoT has been assessed… to be adding $14-15 trillion dollars to global GDP by 2030. And the market to reach somewhere in the range of $150 billion dollars in just three or four years.” – Michael Fitzpatrick, Head of Regulatory Advocacy, GE


“We think there is potential in the Industrial Internet of Things for our customers to address $619 billion dollars of additional revenues to grow their businesses.” – Niklas Heuveldop, SVP, Head of Market Area North America, Ericsson

More Spectrum and Streamlined Infrastructure Processes Needed to Realize 5G Potential

In order for us to see the benefits of all these exciting 5G-enabled technologies, we need policymakers to help us unlock more spectrum and modernize outdated infrastructure siting reviews. By doing so, policymakers will provide the runway needed for wireless providers to deploy 5G quickly and for the U.S. to keep our position as the global leader in wireless networks, applications, and life-changing innovations.

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