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October 2, 2019

Talking Wireless Policy at MWC19 Los Angeles .

Talking Wireless Policy at MWC19 Los Angeles


CTIA SVP Scott Bergmann
Scott Bergmann
Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Mobile World Congress Los Angeles 2019 kicks off Tuesday, October 22. For three days, the wireless industry will converge at the LA Convention Center to witness the latest in mobile technologies and everything wireless.

I’m especially excited about the Everything Policy sessions, which will bring together key government and industry leaders to share ideas on how best to leverage wireless and the connected technologies of the future.

Here’s a preview of the policy conversations that will be happening at MWC19 Los Angeles:

A Look at Key Policymaker Priorities

On Day 1, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will sit down with CTIA President & CEO Meredith Attwell Baker to discuss his priorities during Tuesday’s Opening Keynote. FCC Commissioners Carr, O’Rielly, Rosenworcel and Starks will also give keynotes throughout the week.

And from the Administration, DHS’s Director of the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Christopher Krebs and Commerce’s Acting Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information and NTIA Acting Administrator Diane Rinaldo will present keynotes focused on the wireless-related goals of their agencies and the White House.

How Congress & the FCC Approach Wireless Policy

On Tuesday, senior staff from key Senate and House offices and committees will discuss the spectrum, infrastructure and privacy legislative initiatives that could impact the wireless industry during the Legislative Policy Initiatives: Congressional Agenda panel.

Then on Wednesday, senior experts at the FCC and NTIA will offer their perspective on spectrum, infrastructure, public safety and other wireless policies during the Wireless Policy from the Inside: FCC & NTIA Advisors’ Views panel.

2019’s Spectrum Policy Developments

Unleashing the spectrum needed to support 5G networks has been a top policy issue this year. Two sessions will provide updates on the spectrum policy landscape, one focused on the U.S. outlook and one on the global approach.

Leaders from the FCC, NTIA, AT&T, Ericsson and U.S. Cellular will sit down on Tuesday to talk about the progress the U.S. made in the last year toward deploying the spectrum needed to support 5G networks—and where we need to go next—during The Year of 5G: A Spectrum Policy Update panel.

And on Wednesday, representatives from CTIA, GSMA, Intel and T-Mobile will gather for the International Spectrum Priorities Heading into WRC-19 panel to discuss their priorities ahead of this fall’s World Radiocommunications Conference 2019, which will help determine the global spectrum agenda for the next five years.

The 5G Effect

All four nationwide U.S. wireless providers have launched 5G deployments this year, ushering us into the 5G era. Policy experts and industry leaders will take part in three discussions about the 5G landscape, 5G security and the evolving wireless marketplace.

CTIA Chairman and U.S. Cellular President & CEO Ken Meyers will join CTIA’s President & CEO Meredith Attwell Baker onstage during Tuesday’s Opening Keynote for a conversation about his perspective on the issues impacting the wireless industry as we head into the 5G future.

During the Securing the Emerging 5G Networks panel, policy leaders at DHS and NTIA will join industry representatives from AT&T, Ericsson, Nokia and Qualcomm to discuss network security efforts, how 5G will be even more secure and the cybersecurity policy issues of the day.

And to discuss the issues of access, customer choice and the changing wireless marketplace in the age of 5G, industry and market experts from Cowen, Nokia, Verizon and Wells Fargo will come together for the 5G 20/20: Market Drivers Across the U.S. panel.

Wireless Policy Outlook

Industry leaders and policy advisors will meet at MWC19 Los Angeles to discuss privacy and drone initiatives and how these policies could impact the wireless ecosystem.

During the Up, Up and Away: Unmanned Aerial Services panel, experts from FAA, the FCC, Qualcomm and Skyward will discuss the potential of drones, as well as the policies that are needed to support integrating them into our airspace and leveraging wireless networks as a platform for UAS communications.

Policymakers are focused on the need for comprehensive federal privacy legislation that establishes consistent protections for consumers, no matter where in the U.S. they are located or what technology they are using. Panelists from the FTC, 21st Century Privacy Coalition, T-Mobile and Verizon will talk about the status of these government efforts during the Protecting Consumers with Federal Privacy Legislation session.

We have a lot of great policy conversations planned for this year’s MWC19 Los Angeles. These keynotes and panels present a great opportunity to hear from policymakers, government experts and industry leaders about where we’ve come and where we’re going when it comes to the wireless policies that will support tomorrow’s networks.

Hope to see you in LA!

Mobile World Congress Los Angeles 2019


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