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Apr 2, 2019

Spectrum Considerations for 5G .

Spectrum Considerations for 5G document cover


Spectrum Considerations for 5G



5G is the future of wireless and it will deliver significant benefits to consumers and many sectors of the economy through the deployment of ultra-fast, highly reliable, scalable, and very low latency networks.1 Spectrum is the essential ingredient in 5G networks and ensuring sufficient access to enough and the right kinds of spectrum is a national priority.

This paper identifies key technical considerations for policymakers as they proceed with on delivering spectrum bands already identified for next-generation wireless use, and in identifying and allocating additional bands in the near term. For the U.S. to unlock the enormous promise of 5G, policymakers should focus on these key spectrum characteristics in unleashing significant new allocations of low-, mid-, and high-band spectrum:

  • Licensed, exclusive-use spectrum
  • Flexible-use rights
  • Prioritization of cleared spectrum
  • Wide channels of contiguous spectrum to enable very high speeds, efficient performance, and multiple antenna technology, and
  • Use of globally harmonized bands, which enables global scale and roaming.

This paper explores each of these considerations in more detail to explain 5G technology, spectrum characteristics, technology enablers, and ecosystem considerations needed to unlock the benefits of 5G. With a continued focus on carefully crafted spectrum policy, the U.S. can expand upon initial 5G launches and announcements and provide robust 5G networks that American businesses and consumers can utilize for connectivity, productivity, and innovation.


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