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Apr 16, 2018

Race to 5G Report .

Race to 5G Report document cover


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Race to 5G Report


CTIA commissioned studies from leading telecommunications research firms Analysys Mason and Recon Analytics. These studies measure the global race to 5G and quantify the benefits of leading a generation of wireless development, respectively.

Analysys Mason conducted a comparative assessment of ten nations and derived a 5G Readiness Index, an indicator of which countries are currently leading the race to 5G. The index measures each government’s progress in moving toward conducive 5G spectrum and infrastructure policies, and each country’s industry investment. Recon Analytics conducted a historical analysis of the economic benefits nations derived from leading the world in prior generations of wireless, as well as the costs associated with losing leadership. These analyses quantify the stakes of winning or losing the 5G race.

Key findings:

  • China, South Korea, and the United States are currently leading the race to 5G, with China holding a narrow lead.
  • America’s 4G leadership resulted in economic and job growth that would have otherwise gone to other countries.
  • Losing wireless leadership in 3G and 4G had significant, long-term, negative effects on the Japanese and European telecommunications industries.
  • America’s wireless industry is a global leader in making the commercial investments and preparations necessary for 5G deployment.
  • Policymakers have proposed forward-looking legislation and regulatory reforms that can help America win the race to 5G — but these proposals need to be addressed quickly in 2018.

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