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March 19, 2019

Order Up! Smart Restaurants Spice Up Your Meals .

Order Up! Smart Restaurants Spice Up Your Meals


Chelsea Sellers

Technology is changing how we dine out through wireless innovations in hardware, software and apps that are transforming the modern restaurant experience. You have probably experienced smart features in restaurants without even noticing. Let’s take a look at common smart features used by restaurants and how they are modernizing the industry.

Reservation management

You can now research, book, and manage your reservation, all from the palm of your hand! Reservation software enables easy communication between the restaurant and diners prior to their meal. This allows for easy changes regarding reservation size, time, special occasions or dietary restrictions which can be stored and referenced by staff.

VR onboarding

Training new restaurant employees is more engaging now thanks to virtual reality onboarding. New hires are able to immediately “step inside” the workplace to view co-workers in action and begin their training.  VR headsets have a come a long way in the last few years, making staff trainings easier and more convenient than ever before.

Bluetooth data sensors

From perfecting filets to monitoring food waste, wireless data sensors are here to help. With programmable kitchen equipment, employees can set limits for portion sizes and monitor temperatures with Bluetooth thermometers. All of this allows to save time with less back office work, more consistency in the kitchen, and less waste.

Mobile Ordering

Mobile ordering lets customers skip lines and pay before they even arrive at the restaurant, reducing wait times and making grabbing a quick bite a snap. One study showed that 46 percent of consumers would use a restaurant’s smartphone app if there was one available. Restaurants are able to easily store a customer’s favorite dishes to their profile, making ordering quick and simple. The apps often offer extra perks to regular customers through loyalty programs and create a direct line for restaurants to communicate with their customer base. Customers can even order right to their home thanks to the rise in mobile-enabled delivery services.

Wireless technology continues to evolve and enhance the work of exciting businesses like those found in America’s thriving food scene. With the assistance of smart technology, restaurants are more empowered to feed their hungry diners. Bon Appetit!

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