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February 3, 2018

Keeping Fans Connected at the Big Game .

    Keeping Fans Connected at the Big Game


    Jilane Petrie, Director of Public Affairs

    If you aren’t a Philadelphia sports fan, you may be surprised to see that the Eagles are squaring off against the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

    But the Philly faithful (like our own Director of Meetings & Events, Elise Downes) have been showing up all season to cheer on the underdogs.

    And thanks to their mobile devices, at the NFC Championship game on January 21, Eagles fans were documenting and sharing their winning experience in record fashion.

    According to the Mobile Sports Report, 8.76 terabytes of data were used over the network at Lincoln Financial Field during the game, ranking the event third in all-time one-day usage.

    Holding the top spot? Super Bowl LI, played in Houston on February 5, 2017.

    11.8 TB of data were used that day over the network at NRG Stadium, and according to Extreme Networks, Verizon customers used an additional 11TB and AT&T customers another 9.8 TB on the DAS during the big game.

    Will a new mark be set at Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis?  Our guess is yes, and with good reason.

    In an interview with AdWeek, Verizon said it expected an “insatiable” appetite for data by the more than 73,000 ticket holders on February 4, and increased its matrix of antennas at U.S. Bank Stadium by 48 percent in anticipation.

    And let’s not forget about the estimated one million tourists and workers who descended upon the Twin Cities for the week of interactive festivities.

    Carriers invested millions of industry dollars to densify networks in Minneapolis by adding small cells to existing structures, like streetlights and utility poles. The enhanced connectivity will ensure data demands are met so that voice and video calls, photos, texts and more go through without a hitch.

    Super Bowl LI wasn’t only the “most connected one-day event in history,” it was also one of the most social. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat use accounted for 1.7 TB of the data used on the stadium’s network.

    So whether your tailgate features Cheesesteak, Clam Chowder or Buffalo Wings (sorry, maybe next year, Bills fans), post with confidence. Thanks to the hard work of the wireless industry, we won’t see any flags for delay of sharing at the big game.

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