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November 15, 2018

How to Recycle Your Mobile Device .

How to Recycle Your Mobile Device


Chelsea Sellers

Today, in celebration of the spirit of America Recycles Day, we’re sharing some tips and information on how to recycle your old mobile device—for free!

Why should I recycle my mobile device?

Mobile devices contain a variety of different materials that can be reused to create new mobile devices, electronics or other products, reducing unnecessary waste and saving energy that would be spent on sourcing new materials.

You can also help someone in need by donating your old mobile device. Charities across the country recycle mobile devices as a means to raise funds for various causes. Other non-profits provide wireless devices to domestic violence victims, senior citizens, or police and fire departments to use in an emergency.

What do I do in preparation for recycling my mobile device?

All devices can be recycled—even ones that don’t turn on or have rattled around your junk drawer for years.

Before recycling your phone, be sure to deactivate your mobile device via your wireless provider.

Next, if you haven’t already, you should clear your mobile device of any personal information. Typically this is done by restoring your phone to its factory settings. If you’d like to save your data, first back up your device to the cloud or a computer, or transfer the data to a new device. If you are replacing your mobile device with one from the same wireless provider, you can take out your device’s SIM card and reuse it in the new phone.

Where do I recycle my mobile device?

Recycling your device couldn’t be easier. Many wireless providers and device manufacturers offer free trade-in or recycling programs—with many providing both mail-in or in-store options. Some providers and manufacturers will even provide you a credit for the value of your device before they recycle or restore it.

Nationwide, electronic retailers and office supplies stores have device recycling programs of their own, making recycling your mobile device even more convenient.

With so many easy-to-use options, recycling your mobile device is a no brainer. For more information on how to trade-in or recycle your device, visit your wireless provider’s or device manufacturer’s website.

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