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Apr 2, 2019

Global Race to 5G Update .

Global Race to 5G Update document cover


Global Race to 5G Update


Since Analysys Mason’s first ‘Global Race to 5G’ report was published in April 2018, the pace of 5G developments has continued to be rapid. Several countries now have commercial 5G services in place (although limited to certain subscribers, or specific geographical areas initially). As we describe in this report, by 2020 we expect to see around 80 operators in more than 40 countries worldwide having made 5G services available to their subscribers. 5G device availability is expected to expand rapidly in the remained of 2019. Operators are working with industrial partners to develop 5G services for specific industries, as well as offering 5G mobile broadband (offering faster speeds and quicker response times) to consumers.


Download the full report to read more.

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