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May 10, 2019

Free-Market Principles are Key to U.S. 5G Leadership .

Free-Market Principles are Key to U.S. 5G Leadership


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Nick Ludlum
Senior Vice President & Chief Communications Officer

Nearly ten years ago, America won the race to 4G. Winning boosted America’s GDP by nearly $100 billion and spurred an 84 percent increase in wireless-related jobs. It also made America the global home of the app economy.

This success was a result of government action to remove barriers to investment and free market principles that encouraged industry to compete to deploy robust, secure, innovative networks.

Today, that same commitment to free-market principles is already fueling the industry’s efforts to roll out 5G deployments in communities across the country. A year ago, China and South Korea were leading the 5G race, with the U.S. in third. This year, America is now tied with China in overall 5G readiness.

At CTIA’s recent 5G Summit, policymakers and industry experts from across the wireless ecosystem discussed the importance of continuing this free-market approach to wireless deployment:


“[T]he investment possibilities [for commercial 5G networks] are terrific. And the job creating possibilities are terrific. And those are additional reasons why I don't want the government to run this thing… what we're doing is the right way, and we will continue to do that.” –Larry Kudlow, Director, National Economic Council


“We think the best way for the government to proceed is to create the building blocks for 5G innovation and then let the private sector take the lead. So that means getting the spectrum out there, allowing for infrastructure to be deployed at scale, and then letting the private markets take the lead.” – Ajit Pai, Chairman, FCC


“The U.S. is winning the global race for 5G with a free market. … We continue to prove that our country's model works, that a competitive private industry is the best way to drive innovation, investment, and security.” – Mo Katibeh, CMO, AT&T Business


“I want to note how well we did on 4G. We will apply the exact same free-enterprise principles for 5G. That is our policy.” –Larry Kudlow, Director, National Economic Council

Continued commitment to free and open markets and the competition they foster are essential to continuing the U.S.’s legacy as the home of technology innovation and the global leader in wireless. They also bring economic benefits to Americans across the country—5G is predicted to create 3 million jobs and add $275 billion in investment and $500 billion in GDP to our economy.

As CTIA President & CEO Meredith Attwell Baker said,

Secure 5G networks driven by free market competition are critical to our economic and national future.”

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