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October 10, 2018

CTIA Supports Election of Doreen Bogdan-Martin to UN’s International Telecommunications Union .

CTIA Supports Election of Doreen Bogdan-Martin to UN’s International Telecommunications Union


CTIA CEO Meredith Attwell Baker
Meredith Attwell Baker
President & CEO

Millions of people around the world lack a mobile connection and the social and economic advancement opportunities it provides.

Expanding broadband access not only enriches people’s lives, it also creates new markets, greater economies of scale, and new connections with positive ripple effects across the globe, including here in the U.S.

The United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is working with governments around the world to address this important challenge and to improve digital inclusion.

As part of its broader mission, the ITU is also responsible for allocating global spectrum, and as such plays an important role for U.S. economic and spectrum matters.

The ITU will gather in Dubai later this month for its Plenipotentiary Conference and to hold a series of leadership elections. CTIA is supporting the candidacy of Doreen Bogdan-Martin as the best candidate to lead the ITU’s Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT).

Bogdan-Martin has been the chief of the ITU’s Strategic Planning and Membership Department since 2008, and she has also held responsibility for coordinating the UN Broadband Commission.

Prior to joining the ITU, Bogdan-Martin worked at the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), providing guidance to the White House on telecommunications policy.

She is the most senior-ranked woman at the ITU and – if elected – would become the first woman to hold any of the ITU’s five senior leadership positions in the organization’s 153-year history.

Bogdan-Martin has pledged to work on boosting global connectivity, resource mobilization, international partnerships and on encouraging digital inclusion and skills development if elected.

Her dedicated commitment to these goals and proven ability to lead impactful programs, attract private investment, and her success in overseeing ways to improve digital inclusion make her a stand out candidate to lead the BDT.

The ITU, its members around the globe, and the world’s citizens would benefit from her election to this important role.

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