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Press Release

Press Release

November 1, 2018

CTIA Stolen Phone Checker Service Hits Major Milestone in U.S. Wireless Industry Efforts to Combat Smartphone Theft .

One Million Devices Now Checked; Percentage of Consumers Reporting Stolen Phones Falling Significantly

Washington D.C. – CTIA, the wireless industry association, today announced that the Stolen Phone Checker, powered by the GSMA Device Check service, has been used to verify the status of one million wireless devices since its May 2017 launch. The association also announced the results of a survey that shows the number of consumers reporting a stolen phone has dropped nearly sixty percent in the past year.

“CTIA’s Stolen Phone Checker is having a positive impact in preventing mobile device theft,” said John Marinho, CTIA Vice President, Cybersecurity & Technology. “This is an important milestone that underscores the wireless industry’s commitment to safeguarding American consumers.”

By entering a found or reported mobile device’s unique serial number, the Stolen Phone Checker—powered by the GSMA Device Check service—allows users to see up to 10 years of device information, including whether the device has been reported lost or stolen, the name of the wireless provider the device was associated with and other details about the device. If a device is reported as lost or stolen in the database, a red status alert will note that wireless service may be blocked from the device.

The tool—available at—is valuable for:

  • Consumers: An increasing number of consumers are purchasing refurbished devices on the secondhand market. The Stolen Phone Checker can help them avoid purchasing lost or stolen devices and assist with returning found devices to their owners.
  • Commercial users: Companies such as device resellers, retailers, insurers, repair centers and recyclers can use the tool to help remove stolen devices from the supply chain, reducing fraud and protecting them against financial and reputational risk.
  • Law enforcement agencies: The tool assists with public safety officials’ investigations and efforts to return lost/stolen devices to their owners. The Stolen Phone Checker website has a separate, free portal solely for law enforcement.

More information on the Stolen Phone Checker is available here.

About our survey:

CTIA commissioned Harris Poll to conduct surveys about consumer awareness and adoption of cybersecurity practices and tools. This is the fifth such survey. An online survey was conducted in May 2018 of 1,007 adults (18+) who own and use a personal smartphone, tablet, or both. The survey population was representative of the demographics of the U.S. population.

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