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March 20, 2020

Working Together to Keep America Connected .

Working Together to Keep America Connected


CTIA CEO Meredith Attwell Baker
Meredith Attwell Baker
President & CEO


Making sure Americans stay connected is the industry’s number one priority right now. And we are fortunate to be working alongside the FCC in this critical endeavor.

Last week we saw the Keep Americans Connected Pledge that the wireless industry proudly endorsed. The FCC’s similarly significant steps this week to keep us connected aren’t getting the attention they deserve. In addition to changes to E-Rate and Lifeline programs, we got more spectrum in the hands of carriers, and we did it really fast.

Our nation’s carriers got a key injection of new spectrum access this week. Moving with unprecedented speed, the FCC has freed up about 80 to 100 megahertz of additional spectrum to support the network capacity needs of the American people during the pandemic. That’s roughly an 11 to 14 percent increase in low-band spectrum network capacity at exactly the right time.

Chairman Pai and the FCC deserve special credit for acting so quickly to give the wireless industry access to the spectrum capacity we need to serve Americans. Processes and approvals got streamlined, and the American people are the beneficiaries. We’re also grateful to the spectrum holders who acted so quickly to make spectrum resources available to use during this time. The wireless industry is a fiercely competitive one, and we’re proud of how companies have come together to help each other and the customers we serve.

To Chairman Pai, the FCC and our members: Thank you.

In this time of crisis, connections to health information, the news, teachers, our jobs, family, and entertainment give us a sense of normalcy, encourage productivity, and keep us safe. With this leadership, collaboration and innovation, we can keep Americans connected and get through this together.

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