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December 2, 2019

Wireless Takes the Field .

Next-Generation Sports and Entertainment Experiences

Wireless Takes the Field


Alexia Amblard

There’s nothing quite like the roar of the crowd after a hard-earned touchdown. Thanks to wireless technology, stadiums can provide fans with an enhanced experience, whether it’s during the game or rocking out at a sold-out concert. Venues around the world are using smart technology to create an environment where the stadium comes alive both physically and digitally to bring fans closer to their favorite players. Smart stadiums can give fans a more captivating experience that touches everything from concessions to game analysis.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways wireless—and especially 5G—enhances the customer experience in sports and entertainment.

Sharing the experience with friends back home.

Fans want to be able to share photos and content about their experiences and engage with their friends and the global community. In the United States, wireless providers are bringing 5G networks to stadiums and arenas across the country, including Madison Square Garden and AT&T Stadium, to enhance bandwidth for big events and allow you to leverage the power of super-fast speeds.

Making the logistics a breeze.

Sensors, cameras and other wireless-powered equipment can help improve the efficiency and flow of an event. From providing real-time updates about the fastest way to get to your seat, to giving concession vendors actionable foot traffic data to inform their operations, 5G can make game day even better.

Powering the fan experience with apps.

Stadium and team mobile apps feature real-time traffic and parking information, step-by-step directions to stadium locations, concession and restroom wait times, game stats and videos and in-seat ordering options. App-based loyalty programs also reward you for attending games and making in-stadium purchases.

Smart stadiums using augmented reality to enhance the fan experience. This is a visualization of AR using a new indoor visual positioning system.
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Smart stadiums using augmented reality to enhance the fan experience. This is a visualization of AR using a new indoor visual positioning system.

Taking you onto the field with VR and AR.

5G networks will be able to transmit up to 100x more data than 4G networks, making high-data tasks like VR and AR possible both in the stadium and on your smartphone. You’ll be able to see player information overlaid onto the field, take photos with VR versions of your favorite players or put on a headset and see what the view is like from the front row of a concert put on by your favorite musician.

What’s on the horizon?

Enhanced AR and VR will continue to change the sports and entertainment experience. 5G could enable volumetric video-capture technology that will create a 3D hologram of a subject. This type of holographic representation will be able to beam players onto the home field, giving fans an experience that is up close and personal, even during an away game.

Thanks to wireless, stadiums can bring the action to life, even in the nosebleeds. With technologies like VR, AR and high-speed connectivity already being integrated into venues across the country, 5G innovations are set to take the field. Go team!

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