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January 15, 2020

The Wireless Industry Responds to Puerto Rico Earthquake .

The Wireless Industry Responds to Puerto Rico Earthquake


Puerto Rico was recently hit by a series of devastating earthquakes, causing heavy damage to structures and knocking out commercial power across the island.

Though earthquakes hit most often without warning, wireless carriers stood prepared to maintain and restore service across Puerto Rico. With an arsenal of equipment, including portable generators, service providers swiftly deployed resources after the largest and most damaging event, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, hit on January 7.

This fast action meant that within 48 hours of the major quake, 80.5% of cell sites were operational despite two-thirds of Puerto Rico being without commercial power. Even as powerful subsequent tremors continued to hit the island, by January 11, 95.6% of cell sites were up and running. Despite a 5.9 magnitude aftershock that day, carriers continued to bring cell sites back online, reaching 96.9% on January 12.

Thanks to advance preparation, as outlined in the Wireless Network Resiliency Cooperate Framework, the wireless industry was able to ensure Puerto Ricans were connected when they needed it most.

For up to date information on the wireless industry’s response to the Puerto Rico Earthquake, visit the links below:

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