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August 11, 2020

The Wireless Industry Responds to Tropical Storm Isaias .

The Wireless Industry Responds to Tropical Storm Isaias


As one of the earliest named storms to make U.S. landfall in over 100 years, Tropical Storm Isaias brought damaging winds, severe rains and flooding along the U.S. East Coast in August of 2020. “Isaias’s powerful winds led to one of the largest power outage events ever” (more than 3 million Americans lost power), and wireless services remained largely available to support consumer’s emergency communications and recovery efforts.

To maintain these services, wireless service providers staged response crews and other equipment in advance of the event, and hundreds of generators were deployed to keep most networks up and running and make up for the extensive loss of commercial power.

In Connecticut, at least 93% of cell sites were available to support wireless consumers’ and public safety communications across the state, according to the FCC. That number quickly rose to 98% of cell sites within three days, as power was restored and wireless providers’ response teams prioritized recovery efforts.

As the Tropical Storm moved up along the coast over the course of several days, more than 140 Wireless Emergency Alerts were sent to wireless consumers, each with critical information from local officials about storm surges, flash flooding, damaging winds and tornadoes.

During Tropical Storm Isaias, wireless services again proved to be a critical lifeline. As 2020 shapes up to be an active Hurricane season, wireless providers will continue to work around the clock to ensure that America’s wireless consumers have access to emergency communications when they need it most.

For information on the wireless industry’s response to Tropical Storm Isaias, visit the links below:


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