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May 1, 2020

Staying Connected with Wireless Hotspots .

Staying Connected with Wireless Hotspots


With millions of Americans staying home due to COVID-19, wireless is playing an important role in keeping us connected to family, friends, work and school. Connectivity needs to be more flexible than it ever has before, which is why more people are turning to smartphones and mobile hotspots to create a broadband connection or complement their existing one.

Turning your smartphone into a hotspot to create an internet connection for your computer, or other connected device is called tethering and it can be done via USB, Bluetooth, or most commonly, via your wireless data connection.

In response to today’s health crisis, providers are offering customers more data for hotspot use and connecting with schools to make hotspots available for students. For more information on using your smartphone as a hotspot, check out the instructions provided by your device manufacturer (Apple Samsung LG Motorola) and talk to your wireless provider about adding the capability to your phone plan.

You can also purchase a separate hotspot device to create a Wi-Fi signal to connect your phone, laptop, or other devices. And just like your phone, you can pick and choose between different plans with the right amount of data for your needs from your wireless provider.

Hotspots offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Connectivity anywhere, any time. Thanks to wireless networks, hotspots can create a Wi-Fi network anywhere you might need one—at home, in the car, at the park or while you’re traveling. Hotspot connections are also easy to start using, with no need for an installation appointment. Just pick out the right hotspot for your needs and follow the set up instructions.
  • All your devices on one network. Hotspots can often host multiple device types, so they’re great for when your child needs to connect with their teacher on a tablet or you need to connect to work on a laptop.
  • The flexibility you need. Hotspots are available at a variety of price points and with data plans that fit your usage. Whether you plan to use your hotspot daily or every once in a while, your wireless provider has an option for you.

To choose the hotspot that’s right for you, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Billing options. You’ll want to talk to your provider about the right data plan for your hotspot. You can either add hotspot capability to your existing smartphone plan or if you’re looking to set up a secondary hotspot device, you can choose from a postpaid or prepaid plan and select the amount of data you want to use each billing period.
  • The right device for you. There are different models of hotspots, with different capacities and capabilities. Determine the best features that will suit your needs by thinking through how you intend to use the device, researching devices online or contacting your wireless provider for more information.
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