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January 31, 2020

Miami is 5G-Ready for 2020 Super Bowl .

Miami is 5G-Ready for 2020 Super Bowl


It may be still be January, but things are about to heat up in Florida as Super Bowl LIV kicks off in Miami this weekend. But this isn’t just a faceoff between the Chiefs and 49ers. It’s also a matchup of two cities where 5G service is up and running—both Kansas City and the Bay Area saw 5G deployments last year.

And at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, every major provider has made major network upgrades to showcase 5G’s benefits and handle the massive amounts of wireless traffic generated during the big game.

AT&T has expanded existing LTE capacity in the stadium by more than 300%. Many of those improvements will remain after the game is long over, giving residents a lasting boost in service once the lights are off. And on the Saturday before the game, AT&T is hosting the AT&T TV Super Saturday Night, an interactive concert experience with Lady Gaga where fans can use 5G devices to create avatars and write messages in their air in augmented reality (AR).

Sprint has been working to build out its next-generation 5G network in Miami, and has ramped up coverage around the stadium this weekend as their hometown team, the Chiefs, square off against the 49ers. Sprint’s extra coverage inside the stadium can handle the same amount of wireless traffic as 10 macro cell towers.

T-Mobile launched 5G in the Miami area last month and also worked to double LTE capacity at Hard Rock Stadium. They’re ready to cover all 150,000 people expected for the game, with additional network enhancements around town and at the Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports too.

Verizon turned on 5G at Hard Rock Stadium last year, and fans can enjoy in-stadium 5G wireless experiences on Sunday. Verizon is hosting a 5G-powered Pro Bowl viewing event in Miami where spectators can watch an 8K live feed of the game sent over 5G, the first time a game will be streamed using the technology.

Football fanatics will be more connected than ever when kickoff time rolls around thanks to the efforts of America’s wireless providers. We can’t wait to see how people share their experiences using their mobile device—just don’t drop your phone in those nachos!

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