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April 13, 2020

Member Spotlight: Meet Synchronoss Technologies’ Glenn Lurie .

Member Spotlight: Meet Synchronoss Technologies’ Glenn Lurie



Wireless technology is the backbone of our increasingly interconnected world, and as we continue to push its boundaries, our lives will be powered by next-generation products and services that will provide unmatched levels of scalability, capability and efficiency. Glenn Lurie, Synchronoss Technologies’ President and CEO, gave us an inside look on the wireless industry and the benefits it will bring to cities, consumers, businesses and more.

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What is Synchronoss Technologies, and what are some of its wireless focuses?

Glenn Lurie: Synchronoss is a software as a services company (SaaS). We operate in four key areas: cloud, messaging, digital experiences and IoT.

Our two largest areas of focus and growth in 2020 are our Cloud and Messaging businesses. In 2019, we signed three new Cloud customers, including our second Tier 1 Personal Cloud customer, AT&T, reinforcing our leadership in the white-label, personal cloud offering. Cloud is a proven means to generate incremental new revenue for operators as well as provide an improved engagement opportunity with subscribers. Also, we were selected by the U.S. Cross-Carrier Messaging Initiative (CCMI), a joint-venture between AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, to deliver RCS-based advanced messaging. We continue to see increased adoption of the Synchronoss powered “+Message” RCS-messaging application in Japan. All things considered, we see great opportunities for the next generation of messaging in the US, Japan and around the world. This is detailed in our recently published white paper How Operator-Sponsored RCS Can Win Consumer Hearts and Brand Budgets.

How is Synchronoss with CTIA?

Glenn Lurie: I think it’s important for us as a company to support CTIA, but it’s also a great place for a company like Synchronoss to spend time with the wireless ecosystem.

CTIA plays a role in every aspect of the industry here in the U.S.. And I’d argue that they play a big role globally in the work they’re doing with other wireless assemblies throughout the world. There’s the work they do in DC, but also the work they do bringing the industry together to make sure that we’re doing the right things for our consumers and businesses.

Our platforms play into almost everything anybody does. The cloud is a massive part of our future, and 5G is going to make it an even bigger part. Synchronoss is utilizing CTIA and those relationships to help all sides and everybody in the ecosystem.

Everything in our life's going to be wireless. Everything in our life is going to be smart. And that's where we're headed.
Glenn Lurie, President and CEO, Synchronoss Technologies

How important is 5G to the future of Synchronoss?

Glenn Lurie: 5G means a lot to us. It’s got everyone in the industry excited. One thing Synchronoss is looking forward to is the fact that this will be the first time that we’re actually building something for use cases. In the past it was always about speed, and it was all about more, more, more, as opposed to being about specific use cases. But 5G is about really delivering low latencies that will change the world. For us, 5G plays a role in almost everything we do, and we’re excited about how fast the carriers are going here.

The cloud will also become more prominent with 5G. Think about how you never really have a lot of storage on your smartphone. Many people buy these big storage smartphones because that’s what they think they need. But the cloud is going to be real-time, and you won’t need all that storage space on your phone.

So many emerging technologies are going to actually work well because of what 5G brings to the table. You think about IoT, autonomous cars, the cloud and 5G’s going to really bring that alive. It’s really going to change everything. It’s a massive evolution for the industry.

What specific initiatives from CTIA has Synchronoss benefited from?

Glenn Lurie: Most of what we have accomplished at Synchronoss has been around spectrum. And I say that because that benefits the industry. If you think about the thirst for data and what’s happened to data and the hundred thousands of percent growth, without the right spectrum capabilities, the industry will falter.

CTIA has been right in the middle of that, working with the industry and with the FCC to drive this need for more spectrum. Spectrum is the life blood of the industry, and CTIA has done an incredible job there. Their work gives the carriers what they need to build these networks which in turn gives us the ability to deliver great results to customers. We’re very proud to be a part of CTIA.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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