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April 20, 2020

Member Spotlight: Meet QualTek’s Andrew Weinberg .

Member Spotlight: Meet QualTek’s Andrew Weinberg



To meet the demand for everything wireless, we’re enhancing today’s 4G networks and rolling out 5G. Faster, more responsive, and able to connect more devices, 5G will unlock innovation and investment, transforming every sector of our economy. QualTek Chairman Andrew Weinberg gave us his perspective on 5G and the benefits it will bring to countless communities.

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What is QualTek and what do you do within the wireless industry?

Andrew Weinberg: QualTek is a fast-growing leading provider of wireless infrastructure services with over 100 locations in the United States and more than 6,000 people working with us. We’re climbing up towers every day, going underneath the ground and digging tunnels to deploy every successive generation of technology—technology that will bring greater connectivity and ensure that we can do both the things we already want in our everyday life and things we can’t even imagine.

When did QualTek begin working on 5G, and how important is it to your company?

Andrew Weinberg: When America first began to roll out 4G, we said, this is great, but there’s something more to come. It was always interesting with 5G when someone would say, “it’s going to be 10 times faster, and have 10 times lower latency,” effectively imagining something phenomenal that didn’t exist yet. But now 5G is here, and it’s bringing what was promised—and more… From healthcare and education to access for rural communities and other areas, we need greater scale and density, and 5G can drive that.

QualTek has been working to build up wireless infrastructure for years. We’ve been building our model, our scale and our presence to work not only in urban environments, but also in rural communities that are in need of wireless connectivity.

CTIA has been pivotal in breaking down the barriers that exist in the deployment of 5G, which is going to bring fundamental and positive changes to society.
Andrew Weinberg, Chairman, QualTek

What does QualTek look forward to most about 5G?

Andrew Weinberg: One word comes to mind when I think of 5G: revolutionary. It goes far beyond what QualTek does and goes far beyond what any one company can do alone. With previous generations like 3G and 4G, we had some near-term visibility as to what those technologies might drive. 5G will go far beyond that. Think about a world of 22 billion connected devices in 2018, which is projected to be 50 billion connected devices by 2030, and you can start to see the potential of 5G.

5G will unlock so many applications, so many use cases that will actually make our lives better. We may be able to tackle some issues around sustainability and climate change that can’t be addressed today. In the case of healthcare deployment, or making education more accessible, it will be absolutely revolutionary.

How does being a member of CTIA help QualTek achieve its goals?

Andrew Weinberg: We look to CTIA to be the voice of the wireless industry. We think it’s great that everyone can come to the table at CTIA and discuss how to tackle some of the issues that affect all of us. Being on the Board and being members of CTIA has immense business benefits for QualTek, both in terms of connectivity and in terms of lowering the barriers that stand in the way of wireless and technological innovation. CTIA is incredibly well coordinated, incredibly well run, and I’ve been really impressed by them. We see CTIA being a great voice and feel honored to be among those who are shaping the industry.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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