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March 30, 2020

Member Spotlight: Meet Intel’s Asha Keddy .

Member Spotlight: Meet Intel’s Asha Keddy



5G is unlocking innovation, spurring industry-wide investment and powering a new global economy. CTIA sat down with Asha Keddy, Corporate VP and General Manager of Next Generation & Standards at Intel Corporation, to get her perspective on 5G and its revolutionary potential.

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What role does Intel play in defining the future of 5G?

Asha Keddy: At Intel, we believe the potential of 5G is realized through ecosystem engagements and technology innovations across 5G, AI, media and other related areas. At Intel, we can look across the company and craft a coordinated, comprehensive approach for 5G.

We achieve this through technology: we can always look at how we can make something better technically. However, technology is predictable; while human behavior is not. And so we combine the technology that we are evolving with new business models and see what makes sense from that point of view. When it comes to improving technology, it’s not just the technical aspects, but also the ecosystem in which the technology will operate that must be considered.

When did Intel decide to make 5G one of its priorities?

Asha Keddy: 5G became one of the pillars of Intel in 2014, a natural evolution as we have been involved in the transformation of the network for more than a decade. When combined with new capabilities like 5G, edge computing, and AI, we recognize how industries, deployment models, enterprises, and many other areas  can be transformed through 5G.

We have focused on delivering leading technology, partnering closely with the ecosystem and participating in standards efforts to bring 5G innovations to businesses and consumers, as well as network operators. Intel is known for powering PCs and the cloud. We power the networks, too. This network transformation is the foundation of how we can achieve a fully-connected, mobile and intelligent society— the foundation of 5G.


5G will help us be more efficient, more sustainable and more global.
Asha Keddy, Corporate VP and General Manager of Next Generation & Standards, Intel Corporation

What is the 5G ecosystem, and how is Intel involved in its development?

Asha Keddy: The 5G ecosystem is the digital community of devices, networks, systems and technology in and through which 5G operates. We look forward to seeing this ecosystem bring personalization and customization to businesses and households. 5G integration will span diverse industries like healthcare and manufacturing, which can use 5G in ways that best suit each industry’s needs.

With this ability to customize and personalize, we can enable businesses to do better, which means we as a society can do better. I believe that 5G will help us leave the world in a better place through many other avenues as well as education. 5G will help us be more efficient, more sustainable and more global.

What has Intel achieved in 5G through its work with CTIA?

Asha Keddy: Through CTIA’s efforts, we have been able to define the business transformation that 5G brings. It’s not an evolutionary technology; it’s a revolutionary technology. CTIA has done a very comprehensive job of  helping define these new aspects of the 5G transformation, whether through working with business models or via its policy advocacy. Spectrum is critical for 5G; it is the foundation for wireless technologies. Along with CTIA, Intel understands that without spectrum, there is no 5G, and that is why we care so much about it.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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