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December 11, 2018

It’s The Season of Giving, Wirelessly .

It’s The Season of Giving, Wirelessly


Chelsea Sellers

‘Tis the season of giving! And with so many ways to donate securely via a tap of a button on your smartphone, it couldn’t be easier.

Here are a few ways to give using your mobile device:


Don’t think you know how to give using a text message? Think again. Did Ryan Seacrest ever persuade you to vote-by-text for Kelly Clarkson on American Idol? Well, then you have already mastered it!

You can communicate with many charities and nonprofits you support through text message services, including short codes—five or six digit contact numbers that organizations use to send text messages to consumers who opt-in to receive them. Text-to-donate campaigns make it fast and simple to donate to your favorite nonprofit.

Social Media

Social media makes it easy to find causes you care about and get involved, either by giving your time or making a donation. Keep your eye out for links, tagged posts, and tweets with directions for how to give.


There are a lot of apps out there that facilitate giving. Some connect to your credit or debit card and round up your purchases, putting the change toward a charity. Others allow you to partner with corporations or other partners who donate to causes when you complete certain challenges or milestones, like running a mile, for example. And others allow you to give directly to those in need. Head to the Google Play or Apple App stores and search terms like “charity” or “donate” to learn more.

Directly on Mobile Web

Check out your charity’s mobile-friendly website menu or scroll down to the bottom of the page for the “donate here” button. Giving via your wireless connection is easy and secure for those on the go.

Regardless of how you choose to donate or give this December, there are plenty of options to find the match best for you. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

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