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November 17, 2020

CTIA 5G Summit: Rapid 5G Infrastructure Deployment Remains a Key Priority .

CTIA 5G Summit: Rapid 5G Infrastructure Deployment Remains a Key Priority


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Nick Ludlum
Senior Vice President & Chief Communications Officer

This year’s CTIA 5G Summit, part of GSMA Thrive North America, brought together policymakers and executives from across the industry to examine the latest developments in 5G and the policies needed to fulfill the promise of the 5G economy.

To make 5G’s potential a reality and add capacity for growing wireless demand, the wireless industry has been installing thousands of small cells and towers and upgrading existing facilities. Speakers discussed this need for denser infrastructure and the notable progress the industry’s made thus far.


Our deployment of 5G millimeter wave small cells has more that quintupled from last year to this year. That means we’re not only expanding the number of markets we’re serving with 5G, we’re sharply expanding our network coverage within all of those markets. – Ronan Dunne, Executive Vice President & CEO, Verizon Consumer Group


In New York City, one of the first places where we deployed mid-band 5G, we have already added 10x times the number of mid-band sites since May. Our pace of deployment nationwide is already at 1000 mid-band 5G sites being upgraded every month. – Neville Ray, President of Technology, T-Mobile

The presenters also applauded the smart, flexible policies that streamlined the siting process and avoided timely and costly delays—aiding the wireless industry’s efforts to deploy 5G infrastructure quickly.


We’ve also modernized rules to make it easier for carriers to transition from maintaining the copper networks of yesterday, to building tomorrow’s fiber networks. And these reforms have helped to spur record breaking capital investments in infrastructure essential for 5G. – Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman


Building out 5G is what I’ve spent the bulk of my time on at the FCC as we’ve pressed ahead on a wireless infrastructure agenda. Again, our agenda was centered on a simple concept—that we should take a fresh look at the Commission’s rules to see if they made sense in light of new technology and circumstances. – Brendan Carr, FCC Commissioner

Speakers also encouraged further reforms and actions to modernize the rules around small cell and tower siting, as well as updates to existing infrastructure. Reasonable timeframes and clear procedures for acting on wireless siting permits will encourage rapid 5G deployment and ensure that consumers across the country have access to all of the promises 5G holds.

Sen. Roger Wicker 5G Summit Quote


We also need to continue modernizing our infrastructure laws to facilitate fast deployment of 5G. This includes developing reasonable processes and time frames for approving small cell permit applications at the municipal level. This also includes reducing the costs and speeding up the process of attaching communications equipment to utility poles. – Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS)


Network deployment is still heavily influenced by how receptive local governments are to new infrastructure and their ability to modernize and streamline zoning and permitting. - Jude Buckley, Executive Vice President of Mobile Business, Samsung


We must continue our efforts by… encouraging partnerships between cities and providers for ubiquitous infrastructure deployments... – Geoffrey Starks, FCC Commissioner

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