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November 13, 2020

CTIA 5G Summit: Free Market Policies Encourage Investment, Competition and Consumer Benefits .

CTIA 5G Summit: Free Market Policies Encourage Investment, Competition and Consumer Benefits


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Nick Ludlum
Senior Vice President & Chief Communications Officer

This year’s CTIA 5G Summit, part of GSMA Thrive North America, brought together policymakers and executives from across the industry to examine the latest developments in 5G and the policies needed to fulfill the promise of the 5G economy.

Over the past decade, America’s world-leading 4G networks boosted our GDP by nearly $100 billion and catalyzed an 84% increase in wireless-related jobs. The keys to that success: government actions to remove barriers to investment and free market principles that incentivized the industry to compete.

Today, that same commitment to free-market principles is already fueling the industry’s efforts to roll out 5G. Speakers discussed the remarkable progress America’s wireless providers have made: deploying three nationwide 5G networks and multiple regional networks that offer robust speeds and promising capabilities in communities across the country.


We are off to a great start. The first commercial 5G deployments were here. The fastest 5G services are here. The first nationwide network was here. All remarkable in what will be a decade-long transformation. - Meredith Attwell Baker, President & CEO, CTIA


We are past the academic, the theoretical, and we’re up and running as an industry with large, nationwide networks built on the foundation of hundreds of billions of dollars in the U.S. across capital and spectrum investments. – David Christopher, Executive Vice President and General Manager, AT&T Mobility


[I]n the United States,… peak rates have increased by more than 50% between the first and second quarter to over 3 Gbps. – Cristiano Amon, President, Qualcomm

Presenters from across the policy landscape spoke about the importance of continuing the industry-driven approach that is paying dividends and rejecting the idea of a wholesale or nationalized wireless network strategy. The wireless competition that strong free market policies foster is essential to both continuing the U.S.’s legacy as the home of technology innovation and building our 5G economy.

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With so much riding on the outcome of the global 5G race, now is not the time to pursue untested and unproven government technology. Instead, we should be reinforcing our support for policies that allow American innovators to move communications technology forward. – Rep. Doris Matsui (D-CA)


Our strategy and policies have not changed. President Trump directed me several years ago to maintain a free market approach. The President has not wavered on this story. We are moving forward to auction off as much spectrum as possible to get it across the country as fast as possible and to work with all the private sector players and entrepreneurs who are multiplying. – Larry Kudlow, Director, National Economic Council

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Fundamentally, the government should not be allowed to bestow valuable mid-band spectrum to a favorite entity to directly compete with the private sector. It flies in the face of every principle of American free enterprise. – Mike O’Rielly, FCC Commissioner

Wireless consumers are able to access more data, faster speeds, and lower latency times, all at lower costs. To unlock more benefits for consumers and build the 5G economy, we should focus on the policies that helped get us here, speakers said.


Today, America has the strongest 5G platform in the world… We are well positioned to dominate the wireless economy in 5G like we did in 4G. But to do so, we should redouble the determination, the strategies, and the leadership that have helped bring us these successes. - Brendan Carr, FCC Commissioner


We need to develop a 5G strategy that encourages innovation, and accelerates new solutions, and ensure nation security and American competitiveness. – Laurent Therivel, President & CEO, UScellular

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