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Apr 2, 2019

A National Spectrum Strategy to Lead in 5G .

A National Spectrum Strategy to Lead in 5G document cover


A National Spectrum Strategy to Lead in 5G



5G wireless promises to transform the way we live and work. From new smartphone uses, automated vehicles, and the Internet of Things to remote healthcare, augmented and virtual reality, industrial automation and more, the innovations of the future will be built on 5G. And 5G requires an influx of more spectrum to support Americans’ mobile needs and our global wireless leadership.

With smart government policies focused on free market spectrum auctions, the U.S. won the race to 4G, growing our economy and spurring American innovation and leadership of the technologies that defined the decade, such as smartphones, apps, and mobile services.

Recognizing 5G’s potential, and that “the real advances will be made by innovators across America using spectrum in unforeseen ways,” the Trump Administration is engaged in an ambitious project to develop a National Spectrum Strategy that gives “industry more freedom to innovate” and “reach the full potential that 5G offers.”

This document lays out a strategy to help fulfill the Administration’s bold vision with a three-point plan of action:

  1. Creating a five-year schedule of auctions that puts more high-, mid- and low-band spectrum in the hands of America’s wireless industry.
  2. Recommitting federal spectrum policy to proven free market approaches that harness the power of competition to enhance our nation’s economic and national security.
  3. Modernizing government policies and procedures to ensure optimal use of spectrum.

This plan will unleash a significant spectrum stimulus that will create jobs, grow our economy, and help America lead the industries of the future.


Download the full report to read more.

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