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August 23, 2018

5G is the Name of the Game .

5G is the Name of the Game


Julian McLendon

When we consider all of the ways that 5G is going to change our lives, we often think about healthcare, IoT, and connected cars. These use cases are sure to revolutionize the way we live, but they are not the only examples—5G also promises to revolutionize the entertainment industry too, including mobile gaming.


Mobile Gaming Market Share

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Mobile Gaming Market Share

2018 was the first year that mobile became the largest revenue stream in the global gaming market.

Mobile gaming has become immensely popular—estimates suggest revenue from mobile games will reach $70.3 billion this year, making it the first year that mobile has been the most popular game segment. Games like Fortnite and Pokemon GO have had a hand in this enormous success and we can expect the demand for mobile gaming to grow—estimates for 2021 show revenues over $100 billion—especially as 5G technology makes gaming more immersive and reactive, thanks to its faster speeds, increased capacity and nearly real-time responsiveness.

5G’s responsiveness will be a game changer (see what I did there) because it will minimize any processing lags in the game, making it feel more realistic on your mobile device.

In fact, 5G’s capabilities will make streaming the latest AAA game titles from the cloud directly to mobile devices a no brainer. Direct-to-mobile streaming opens games up to more players who only need a mobile device to begin playing.


5G is expected to also enhance AR and VR capabilities which will have huge impacts on the video game industry, turning the world around you into a game environment. AR and VR will make games feel more realistic because they can respond to more than just your thumbs on a console or device, but can react to your whole body’s movements. With these immersive gaming experiences on the horizon, mobile gaming will be a great way to get some exercise and be social.

We have only scratched the surface of how 5G technology will change the video game landscape. Current gamers should be very happy about this state of affairs, but improved access to high profile games should also bring a whole new population of gamers into the fold. Gamers rejoice!

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