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Net Neutrality .

The wireless industry supports the open internet. We support national, bipartisan legislation that allows wireless investment and innovation to continue.

Net Neutrality


Delivering an Open and Transparent Mobile Experience

Nationwide 4G Coverage

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Nationwide 4G Coverage

99.9% of the U.S. population lives in census blocks covered by 4G LTE.

Wireless is a unique American success story. We first brought consumers mobile voice service, then a burgeoning mobile broadband experience, and today a high-speed wireless connection so fast that you can watch high-definition video on the go. We’re proud of delivering an experience that allows our customers to access the content and services that they want, when they want. 

Throughout the industry’s growth, government let the intensely competitive wireless market flourish. With policymakers supporting a bipartisan consensus that the internet should be “unfettered from Federal or State regulation,” wireless providers invested hundreds of billions to build world-leading mobile networks.

In the United States, the wireless industry delivers extraordinary value to consumers:

  • Wireless coverage blankets the country
  • Nearly all wireless consumers can choose – and easily switch – between three or more mobile broadband providers
  • Consumers are paying less while getting more data

As a result, consumers vote with their dollars. In the United States there are currently more wireless connections than there are people, showing how valuable the industry has become.

Policy Positions

We believe Congress should enact bipartisan net neutrality legislation. That’s the best way to permanently protect the principles of net neutrality for everyone.

A federal law would also ensure that state broadband regulations do not contravene federal policies, undercut investment or slow wireless deployment. Crossing state lines doesn’t change your mobile experience. The laws governing that experience shouldn’t change either.

Such a framework will facilitate innovation and investment in next-generation wireless networks and services and enable our country’s mobile ecosystem to do what it does best: empower our mobile and connected lives.

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