Obtain a CSC

Administered through the Common Short Code Administration (CSCA), common short codes allow organizations to connect with their audiences to offer promotions, information and other marketing messages. Philanthropic and political organizations are also using CSCs to solicit donations.

To obtain your Common Short Code, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Create Your Account – Register with the CSCA.
  2. Find a Short Code – Search for the available short codes on the website, including easy-to-remember, identical and repeating numbers.
  3. Lease and Payment – Pricing varies length of lease with flexible payment options available.
  4. Start Your Campaign –To help you get started, CSCA offers 11 tips for running a successful short code campaign as well as the CTIA and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) comprehensive best practices and guidelinesPDF Download for running a successful short code campaign.

Last Updated October 2016