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Infrastructure .

America's wireless companies stand ready to invest $275 billion into building next-generation 5G networks.



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Infrastructure Policy.

To meet growing demand for mobile broadband and deploy next-generation 5G networks, CTIA supports policies at all levels of government that will accelerate infrastructure deployment.

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Impact of Federal Regulatory Reviews of Small Cell Deployment.

The objective of this paper is to independently assess the impacts of regulatory reviews required for the National Historic Preservation Act and the National Environmental Policy Act (NHPA/NEPA) on 5G small cell roll-outs by U.S. wireless carriers.

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Key Facts

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Small Cell Support

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Small Cell Support

7 out of 10 Americans and more than 80% of small business leaders support more small cell deployments.

Americans Support Small Cells

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Americans Support Small Cells

7 out of 10 Americans support more small cell deployments.

Towers and Small Cells

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Towers and Small Cells

There are 154,000 cell towers today. To meet growing mobile data demands and win the Race to 5G Accenture projects we will need to install hundreds of thousands of small cells in the next few years. S&P Global Market Intelligence projects more than 800,000 small cells deployed by 2026.

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