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Every day, we’re investing in people and technologies that help protect our customers and networks from cyber threats. CTIA supports flexible, technology-neutral cybersecurity policies.



Protecting Wireless Networks and Consumers

Americans' Use of PINs/Passwords

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Americans' Use of PINs/Passwords

Over three quarters of Americans use PINs/passwords on their smartphones, a 53% increase from 2012, when we first asked about the adoption of this practice.

We know that providing a safe and secure mobile experience is critical. The security of mobile networks has improved with each generation of wireless. As we embrace 5G and the IoT, the industry is—more than ever—building innovative security features into tomorrow’s wireless networks from the beginning.

The entire wireless ecosystem—network operators, device manufacturers, and operating system and application service providers—works together to develop security features for wireless networks and consumers. CTIA’s Cybersecurity Working Group serves as an expert resource to establish these best practices and proactively address tomorrow’s cyber risks.

Wireless customers also play a key role in protecting their data and keeping wireless networks safe. We’re proud of our efforts to educate consumers on the importance of using available security features and following best practices, including adopting passwords and PINs, using anti-virus software, and applying updates and patches when available.

Policy Positions

Awareness of Remote Locate, Lock, and Erase Capabilities

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Awareness of Remote Locate, Lock, and Erase Capabilities

65% of American smartphone owners reported being aware that they have the “find your phone” capability on their device, allowing them to remotely locate, lock and erase software on their smartphones.

Source: The Harris Poll, Mobile Users and Cybersecurity: Attitudes and Behaviors in an Increasingly Digital World, September 2019

To ensure the wireless ecosystem can innovate as quickly as the cyber threats we face, CTIA advocates for:

Flexible, technology-neutral solutions: Policymakers should retain close public/private collaboration—led by DHS—and support technology-neutral, industry-led efforts that help the wireless industry identify, mitigate, and respond to evolving threats.

A collaborative approach: Creating safe harbors will help government, industry, and other key stakeholders come together to share cyber threat information.

Globally harmonized standards: Federal agencies should work with international counterparts and multilateral organizations on harmonized global standards.

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