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CTIA PAC Prior Approval Form FAQ .

What is “Prior Approval” and why do I/my company need to sign a form?

The law requires CTIA PAC to obtain written permission from CTIA member companies before it may solicit or accept voluntary contributions from their eligible employees. Eligible employees are defined as executive and administrative personnel who are paid by salary, rather than hourly basis, and who have policymaking, managerial, professional, and supervisory responsibilities

Granting “prior approval” does not obligate a member company or its eligible employees to support the PAC – it simply gives CTIA PAC permission to communicate about the PAC in more detail.

Can anyone from the member company sign the Prior Approval form?

Prior Approval may be granted to the CTIA PAC by anyone authorized by the member company. This can include the company’s President/CEO or the primary contact designated to represent the member company before CTIA.

Do I have to sign a Prior Approval form every year? Can I withdraw approval?

Prior approval may be granted for up to five consecutive years by the member company; however, a separate signature is required for each year authorized. A member company can withdraw prior approval authorization at any point in time.

Will CTIA PAC directly solicit employees at my company?

By signing a Prior Approval form, a member company can decide to allow the CTIA PAC to solicit all senior executives in the company, or only certain individuals.

You can also grant CTIA PAC prior approval for just the primary contact and request that no solicitations be made to any other member company employees. The CTIA PAC will honor whatever authorization is granted by your company.

If our company signs a CTIA Prior Approval form, can our employees contribute to other trade association PACs?

A member Company cannot grant authorization to more than one trade association to solicit its eligible employees per calendar year. However, member company employees may still contribute to candidate, corporate, ideological, or state PACs.

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