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The CTIA PAC, officially known as CTIA—The Wireless Association Political Action Committee, is a non-partisan, federally registered, political action committee that supports federal candidates running for office. The purpose of the CTIA PAC is to support candidates who are leaders on wireless issues.

Direct support of candidates strengthens the wireless industry’s voice and brings long-term benefits to all CTIA members by defending the wireless industry’s interests in Washington, D.C.

Candidates running for federal office who understand the wireless industry’s issues make more informed decisions when developing public policy.

Prior Approval Authorization

The law requires CTIA PAC to obtain written permission from CTIA members before it may solicit and accept contributions, similarly, CTIA PAC must also get approval to solicit contributions from member company employees. Granting “prior approval” does not obligate a member company or its employees to support the PAC – it simply gives CTIA PAC permission to communicate in much greater detail about the PAC and the role it plays in advancing and protecting the industry’s interests in Washington.

Contact Us

Kelly Cole
CTIA PAC Treasurer
(202) 736-3230
Joe Joiner
PAC Director
(202) 736-3652

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