Android Robocall Blocking

Step-by-step instructions and a list of apps to block robocalls on Android devices.

Watch for step-by-step instructions to block robocalls on Android devices.

#1 SMS Blocker. Award winner!FreeAutoblock spam, block SMS based on number, sender phrase or content
Advanced Call Blocker$.99Call blocking, automatic replies
Advanced Call Blocker Pro$1.99Customize blocker filters, multiple ways to block calls
aFirewall call and sms blockerFreeConfigure rules to block calls and messages
Anonymous Call Blocker$0.99Blocks anonymous calls
Anti Nuisance - Call & SMS BlockerFreeBlock incoming calls and SMS, customize blocker profiles, control call block mode
Baby Call Blocker Pro$0.99Block unwanted phone calls when your phone is in the hands of a baby or toddler
Blacklist Plus Free Block calls, block hidden #, blacklist & whitelist 
Block Calls & Caller ID Free File complaint with FCC, blocks most blocked #, spam blocking, reverse # lookup, directory assistance
Block SMS and CallFreeSMS and call blocker, call block history
Blocking CallsFreeBlacklist, whitelist
CallApp - Caller ID & BlockFreeSupports Smartwatch, identifies caller
Call BlockerFreeBlock calls, MMS and SMS, blacklist
Call block [block call or SMS]FreeBlacklist, notification and ability tocheck call or text that has been blocked
Call Blocker - embrware​FreeBlock calls, MMS and SMS, personalized blacklist and whitelist, privacy modes
Call Blocker Free - Blacklist FreeBlacklist,whitelist, detection of one-ring phone scams
Call Blocker PRO$4.96Blacklist and whitelist
Call Blocker Voicemail BlockerFreeSelect caller block mode, timer for call blocking schedule, option to send message response to blocked caller
Call Control - Call BlockerFree, in-app purchasesFCC/FTC Do Not Call integration, blacklist, reverse lookup for spam callers, block area code, whitelist, call log integration
Call Reject - Call BlockerFreeBlacklist, notification when blocked, temporary block
Call SMS BlockerFreeIncoming and outgoing call blocking, incoming SMS blocking
Caller ID and SMS BlockFreeText ID, unknown caller ID, identify and report calls
Caller ID, Block Calls & TextsFree, in-app purchases Caller ID, call block, SMS block, automatic update of smal rules
Calls Blacklist - Call BlockerFreeBlacklist; block annonymousnumbers; notification of blocked calls
CIA - Caller ID & Call BlockerFreeBlacklist, whitelist, notification of blocked calls and SMS 
CPR Call BlockerFreeCall and SMS blocking, access to blocking history
DO NOT CALL $0.99 Only US, linked to govt, block calls from certain # 
EveryCallerFreeUser based call/spam reporters, block unwanted calls & texts identify incoming callers by name
Extreme Call Blocker $4.99 Call blocking modes, message blocking modes, customize blocking list, schedule blocking, private messgae vault 
Hiya Caller ID and Block FreeAuto spam detection, reverse phone lookup, spam-check dialer, blackist #, report spam 
Legal Call Blocker FREEFreeTrack and report illegal calls, block any number caller ID
Master Call BlockerFreeBlock unwanted calls, select block modes, reply by SMS, time blocking
Meeting Call BlockerFreeControl and organize calls by creating filters to allow important calls during meetings while blocking others
Mr. Number - Block calls & spamFreeBlocks calls and texts, identify spam, send unknown calls to voicemail
MyCallBot Caller IDFreeNotification and call log of unknown callers
Nomorobo 14-day free trial, $1.99/month or $19.99/yr afterVoice robocalls and SMS text message spam/phishing protection.
PrivacyStarFreeReal-time caller ID, call blocking, automatic scam blocking, complaint filing against unwanted calls, reverse number lookup and directory assistance
Root Call BlockerFreeCall, SMS and MMS blocker
Root Call Blocker Pro$1.99SMS and call blocker, reject unknown, block area codes, remotely manage lists, in-call widgets
Safe Call BlockerFreeCreate broad ranges of blocked number, notifications of blocked calls
Should I Answer?FreeWorks offline to access detailed phone number information and user reviews
Smart Call BlockerFreeBlock calls and SMS, blacklist, whitelist
Smart Call Blocker​$3.00Block private calls, block unknown callers, block unwanted calls and SMS, send SMS to caller after blocking call
SMS blocker, call blocker​FreeAuto delete unwanted messages or calls, SMS blocker, call blocker, block anonymous numbers
SMS Blocker Free​FreeCall and SMS blocking, autoreplies
Super Call BlockerFreeBlock incoming calls and messages, block private numbers and unknown calls, option to record history of blocked called and messages
Truecaller - Caller ID & BlockFree, in-app purchasesBlock numbers from spam callers and telemarketers, number search 
Ultimate Call BlockerFreeSchedule call blocking, messaging options for blocked calls, urgent call options
VBlocker: Call and SMS BlockerFreeInternational call blocking, batter level blocking, voicemail blocking, schedule blocking
Whitelist Call BlockerFreeWhitelist, custom blocking filters
Whitepages Caller IDFreeCaller ID, Text ID, Call blocking and spam protection
Who’s Calling?FreeCaller ID, call blocking
WhoAreYou Caller ID + BlockerFreeBlocks calls, caller ID, reverse phone lookup
Whoscall - Caller ID & BlockFreeInstant caller ID, database with over 7 million phone numbers, ability to report numbers
Xposed Call Blocker Unlock Key$2.01Block calls on a per-number basis, internal log stores blocked calls, block outgoing calls
YouMail FreeBlocks & blacklist unwanted caller, sends directly to voicemail w/o ringing, up to date report of top spamming # in US

Last Updated April 2017